Matt Black Candle Care Kit

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Minko Candle Care Kit is the must-have kit to take care of your candles. It is designed to regulate the temperature and prevent the wick from breaking to extend the burning time.

Our Candle Care Kit comes with the following parts:

  • Candle Snuffer – Designed to effectively extinguish your candle by cutting off the oxygen. It also won't create as much smoke and can help avoid hot wax from splattering compared to other methods.
  • Wick Dipper – Use the dipper to dip the cotton wick into the melted wax pool or adjust the wick position for better burning quality.
  • Wick Trimmer – Designed to effectively trim cotton or wood wicks. Trimming the wick helps regulate the temperature and prevents the wick from breaking to extend the burning time. For slow and even burn, trim wicks to 2-5mm before every burn.
  • Tray – Included for you to keep the tools organised.


Wick Trimmer: 18 x 6cm

Candle Snuffer: 24 x 3.5cm

Wick Dipper: 20 x 1.5cm

Tray 22.5 x 9.5cm


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