Sink into a relaxing bath that you won't forget with one of our distinctive and pleasant bath bombs. All of our bath bomb products are handmade in Australia using natural essential oils and our aromatherapy bath bombs are designed to produce a laid back and pleasant mood. Bath bombs are one of the best ways to add something special to a relaxing bathtime and some bath bombs even fizz when dropped into the water in order to add an element of excitement to your calming soak. Our bath bombs release natural essential oils that can add a soothing element to your bath or even provide you with energy and enthusiasm. Our environmentally friendly bath bombs are 100% all-natural and we never test our bath bombs on animals. These one-of-a-kind bath enhancers are the perfect accessories for taking your bath to a whole new level of enjoyment and pleasure and are available in all shapes and sizes to meet your unique needs.
Rose Bath Bomb Rose Bath Bomb
Rose Bath Bomb
Oats, Honey & Milk Bath Bomb Oats, Honey & Milk Bath Bomb
Oats, Honey & Milk Bath Bomb